Trips are similar to travelers.
Once they know each other,
discover they have a lot in common.


A coffee, a talk and…..bon voyage!

It´s true: nowadays all destinations are at the screen of computers. It seems easy to start, but the overflow of information tends to confuse and many times to demotivate.

At in2travel, the experience has shown us that the best search starts around a coffee and a good conversation, where you can share your concerns and us, convert them in2 a unique route, personal and untransferable.

We do know well Chile, we are passionate about guide you through it and we want you smiling at your arrival to that destination you imagine.

Let´s talk a coffee, personally or at the distance…the important thing is to know us each other and start this adventure.

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“Fjords and glaciers hidden among green landscapes give way to the horizon that disappears at the end of the world”


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“A magical place of wise traditions, where the living ecosystem grows and develops at its natural rhythm”


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“Mystery and legends of an ancestral culture enrich the tropical landscapes and beaches in the navel of the world”


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Center, Santiago & Valparaíso

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“Valleys that lie between sea and mountain range, give life to a land of flavors that awaken the senses”


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North of Chile

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“Under a sky of infinite stars, rest the driest desert of the world waiting for the desired flowering”

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Incentive Group


In2travel had the opportunity to give service to an incentive group of 67 people. This was an Argentinian group, who had the opportunity to visit Santiago, the central valleys and Valparaiso.

The first day we organized a dinner show where they could enjoy of an exquisit dinner with an international menu, and watch the show of the South Pacific Islands, Chilean Folklore, and a dancing orchestra. They lived a night with and exotic environment, decorated with valuable wood sculptures that project images of the millenary Easter Island prepared to a great and imaginary trip through Polynesia.

The next day we made a full day tour in Viña del Mar and Casablanca Valley, which of course included a Spanish tour guide, and a visit of the most important places of the city.

Then, they enjoyed the “Tierra del Fuego” restaurant and later we made a wine tasting in the indomitable vineyard, which include a visit to the winemaking rooms, barrels and three wines’ tasting.

The third day we made a half-day tour by Santiago where they had the opportunity to know the main touristic attractions of Santiago, some stretches by walking and other in private transfer, including a climb on San Cristobal Hill.

By night, we coordinated a very special activity: A show dinner that ended in a party, which consisted in a duet with a female and a masculine voice, accompanied by recorded tracks with an environmental repertoire. Entertaining dance with the music of the 80’s, 90´s, nowadays, Argentinean rock, Auténticos Decadentes, Cadillacs, Bon Jovi, Pachanga, Anglo Rock, etc.

We are absolutely proud and happy of have brought this group of argentineans, we are sure that they had a very good time, meeting new people in this four days, also meeting and enjoying the beauties of Santiago, our Central Valley, Viña del Mar and Valparaiso.




How many trips fit on a conversation?

Probably all you can imagine, because according to us, trips begin at the very moment when the idea lands in your brain. That´s why we invite you to share a coffee with us and draw together the map of your next destination. Now, let´s go back to the question: Espresso or Cappuccino?


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