Trips are similar to travelers.
Once they know each other,
discover they have a lot in common.


A coffee, a talk and…..bon voyage!

It´s true: nowadays all destinations are at the screen of computers. It seems easy to start, but the overflow of information tends to confuse and many times to demotivate.

At in2travel, the experience has shown us that the best search starts around a coffee and a good conversation, where you can share your concerns and us, convert them in2 a unique route, personal and untransferable.

We do know well Chile, we are passionate about guide you through it and we want you smiling at your arrival to that destination you imagine.

Let´s talk a coffee, personally or at the distance…the important thing is to know us each other and start this adventure.

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Isla de Pascua – Nicolás Zaldívar

rodrigo zaldivar 2

In many times we had talked about where we could make a family trip in which we could be the 24 members. And when I say many, I mean MANY, since it was practically impossible for us all to agree on the times and on the taste of which place would please everyone.


rodrigo zaldivar 1

Thinking, I decided to get in touch with Rodrigo and Pablo, to whom I described the type of family group that we were, considering that the youngest was 7 months old. In a couple of days, I already had at least 3 travel options that fit what we were looking for.
We finally chose to spend 4 days in Easter Island, in the hotel Hanga Roa, with breakfast and lunch included. It was a very good service considering we were a large group, the staff was very attentive and helpful.

The excursions were very well chosen and organized, the two contracted vehicles were always very punctual and the guides very friendly.

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This is the second time I trust a travel experience with In2Travel and the truth is that I must admit that it is highly recommended for those who are a little hesitant in choosing their destination. Trust and put yourself in the hands of Pablo and Rodrigo.

For my next trip I will definitely do it with In2 Travel.


Nicolás Zaldívar

Patagonia Alexa

Patagonia – Alexa


Amazing way to experience Patagonia! Every little detail was carefully chosen according to our interest so this way we were able to enjoy the Chilean Patagonia to its fullest.
From the guide and the catamaran tickets to the park, to the delicious post hike lunch.
Some of the most amazing natural sites on the continent, breathtaking 360 views for 5 days straight.

Everything was excellent, the food, the hospitality and the luxury shelter at the foots of Torres del Paine National Park

Trip of a lifetime!


Thanks In2travel

Torres del Paine 2_Rita

Patagonia – Rita Spirito Santo

Our trip to the Chilean Patagonia was incredible!. With my family decided to visit Chile Austral for 5 days and it was really something.

The first day we got to the Hotel Finis Terrae in Punta Arenas, where the attention was perfect. At noon, we made a private tour around the city next to our guide, who showed us the main sites of interest until leaving us on our bus, which take us back to Puerto Natales, very nice city.


rita 1

Once in Puerto Natales we stayed at Hotel Costa Australis, where they treated us in an unimaginable way the three night that we stayed. Then we take a tour during a whole day that leaft us speechless, we were totally amazed by the wonderful landscapes and the beauty of nature at the Parque Nacional Torres del Paine. Truly Amazing

Afterwards we enjoyed a boat trip on the Balmaceda and Serrano glaciers, where we once again were impressed by the nature of Patagonia and its wonders. We had lunch with that beautiful view and returned to the hotel.


The organization of the trip was perfect, with great kindness and punctuality at all time. The program was very nice and interesting, besides that it fulfilled completely our expectations. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip and had an amazing time.

We are absolutely happy, we loved the trip, so thank you very much to the team of In2travel for all the kindness and organization




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“Fjords and glaciers hidden among green landscapes give way to the horizon that disappears at the end of the world”


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“A magical place of wise traditions, where the living ecosystem grows and develops at its natural rhythm”


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“Mystery and legends of an ancestral culture enrich the tropical landscapes and beaches in the navel of the world”


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How many trips fit on a conversation?

Probably all you can imagine, because according to us, trips begin at the very moment when the idea lands in your brain. That´s why we invite you to share a coffee with us and draw together the map of your next destination. Now, let´s go back to the question: Espresso or Cappuccino?


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